Seems like it was not long ago that Algoriddim, a famous developer of the cool and handy Djay app that was popular among all music lovers, have announced the sequel to its creation. Pretty obvious, but it has the name ‘Djay 2’ and there were pretty much no additional information being told to public – just a fact that this new app is actually being developed and that it would work both on iPads and iPhones. Needless to say it was cruel thing to do, but hopefully fans are happy now, as the app is released and is pretty successful for the moment.

One of the biggest and the most discussed topics in Android market of modern time is the problem of fragmentation of devices, but it is really that important and crucial thing to discuss it? For sure, it is true that there is only 5% of the entire number of people using Android are on its latest version. Also, there are about 900 million of devices at the market and about million and a half being activated every day.

If you like spending time playing cool games, you definitely should not skip a chance to play Android Please Stay Calm (which is from Mobage). It is a great combination of good old zombie titles and location based game, and it is pretty awesome. Even if you are not really into zombie apocalypse, you should try this one and you will get excited (and especially if you are curious about this particular scenario). And here is what you will do in the game.

When it comes to cheap Android devices there is an obvious lack of really good options to choose from. If you have $200 to spend on the unlocked Android device, you have to choose among such pieces as Samsung Galaxy Ace, Sony Xperia Tipo or the Xperia U. With the Tipo you get an Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream single core phone with 3 mega pixels camera, 320x480 screen of a 3.2 inch display, which now the best one to have. The Galaxy Ace has a little better screen, but in general you will not get a really good phone for such a price.